How to backup/restore your Cherry Mobile Titan (w500) using ClockworkMod Recovery / TWRP recovery


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    How to backup/restore your Cherry Mobile Titan (w500) using ClockworkMod Recovery / TWRP recovery


    Before doing any tweaking on your Cherry Mobile Titan Phone I highly recommend doing a backup of your whole files system just in case something went wrong upong tweaking your phone you can go back from from your previous state.

    doing a Clockworkmod will have capability of changing your current ROM but as of the moment upon writing this post there is no available custom rom for the Cherry Mobile Titan, but will keep you posted on the updates on the dev community. so as of now we will focus on doing a backup on your phone via CWM and TWRP.

    there are currently 2 available Recovery technique for the titan as of the moment I will further update this post if there will be some more updates.

    1. ClockworkMod Recovery
    2. TWRP recovery


    first we will flash the ClockworkMod Recovery, in order to do this you must be ROOTED first, you can visit my previous post on how to do that in case your not yet rooted.

    you will need to download this 2 files:

    1. ClockworkMod File Recovery
    2. Stock Recovery (in case something went wrong you will use this to recover)


    next after you have downloaded it you need to extract the file and copy the recovery.img to your External SD card, simply plug your mobile phone via USB to your PC and choose Media Device so you can access your phone and SD storage in case you want to transfer files via WIFI I hight recommend using AIRDROID

    when you slide the notification and click the usb connection this will show as a default it is on USB Storage swith it to Media Device so you can access the phone storage and External SD

    paste it in the root directory of your External SD card

    using the built in filemanager of the Cherry Mobile titan

    then download and install the MOBILE UNCLES TOOL app, open it and click the RECOVERY UPDATE

    Mobile Uncle Tool Interface

    and choose the file that we transfer which is the RECOVERY.IMG

    and your phone will reboot to ClockworkMod Recovery and that’s it you have successfully ported the CWM recovery on your phone if you want to backup your phone you can just go to the backup and restore settings and you will see the backup and choose that navigating in the CWM recovery is by using your POWER,VOLUME UP and DOWN button


    for the second technique which is the TWRP recovery you need to download this file and repeat the process B just paste it again to your SD card and use the mobile uncle tool and reboot.

    the difference of the two is just the interface they work the same but for my personal impression TWRP has more features 😀

    you can use the stock recovery in case you had problems so you can reboot back to your stock rom

    if you have questions feel free to comment I will be glad to help you out in case you had some problems flashing your phone

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