How to access Netflix in the Philippines to watch premium Movies and TV Shows


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    How to access Netflix in the Philippines to watch premium Movies and TV Shows

    I have been waiting for netflix to be available in the Philippines but apparently it’s still not available upon writing this post 🙁 when you visit their site you will see this BIG-O

    Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country yet

    but hopefully netflix will roll it out in asia soon (cross finger), So while it’s not yet available here in the Philippines I figure it out on how to access the site in just a very easy steps so lets get it on.

    before I used the HIDEMYASS.COM but apparently I had some issues on it although Yes! you will have access on netflix but once you play the video it will crash your browser not sure if it’s just mine but you can try that out also on your own way 🙂 it’s very easy to use just put the url of your site which is in this example is the and click the big button hidemyass 🙂

    but again I cannot guarantee it will work fine unless you pay for the premium access of the VPN , by the way you can also try the google extension. so it’s just a click on the top of your browser.

    So, I had to find an alternative which is via firefox addon, of course you will need to download a firefox browser which is I think everyone has it 🙂 but in this example I’ll be using the Aurora version of the firefox either of the two will work.

    once your are in the firefox or aurora browser you just need to click the name on the upper left corner and click add-ons

    and then click the [1]GET ADD-ONS then type in the [2]searchbox “ANONYMOX” then click enter and it will show the icon similar to [4]then click install , once installed you need to reboot your browser and go back to the add-ons menu and click the [3] EXTENSIONS and now you will see the anonymox extension added into your browser.

    so Now once you open a newtab on your browser you will see the [1] Icon of the anonymox click that and it will popup a small menu and you need to click the [2]STEALTH you can also change the service to anonymox or TOR (open source anonymity software) I also set the country to All but you can customize it on a specific country , once you have activated that you will see your new IP ADDRESS at the bottom status bar [3] , anonymox also have a paid version if you don’t want the ads showing 🙂

    Now you can create yor account and login on the netflix site and enjoy watching! once you are logged in you just click any of the movie you want to watch and then download the SILVERLIGHT PLUGIN by microsoft and install and tha’ts it!, OH! by the way netflix service is not free it’s a paid service where you need to pay an amount of $7.99 per month which is not bad if your a movie marathon participant 😀

    if you have other information on how to access netflix in the Philippines feel free to comment and share to other that will benefit it enjoy watching 🙂

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