BH200 Bluetooth + NFC Earphone Review


    🚩 Report BH200 Bluetooth + NFC Earphone Review

    Last week I Unboxed and showed you guys the new product the BH200 Bluetooth + NFC Device, I was quite surprise that this device is a very premium type build with such a very affordable price that can be compared to branded once.

    So now here is the full review of the device and what are the things you need to know about the device.

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    I really appreciate puts the simplicity with their packaging it’s just a plain white box with some quick specification no other fancy stuffs.

    Included in the Package is the BH200 itself, Carrying Bag Pouch which is a solid type. 3 spare ear-buds (small,medium and large), 3 pairs of ear hoods (small,medium and large), Micro USB Cable to USB for charging, manual, warranty card and the wire clip.

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    Build and Design

    The BH200 is a sports type in-earphone with a 1 meter length of the cable, it comes with two colors the yellow-green which what I have and the pure black. It has a solid alloy frame for the earphone with a combination of plastic , the design is really nice looking and great for sports activities, it’s a sweat resistant so the color won’t fade away immediately but take note it’s not a waterproof.

    Outer part is a metallic brush finish while the inner part is a plastic material , there is an indicator near the cable on which is the LEFT and RIGHT part of the ear so you won’t be confused when wearing. When you remove the ear-buds you will see it has a metal alloy for the earpiece.

    The right earpiece has the Micro USB port for the charging , it’s easy to remove for charging, while on the other side is just a yellow-green design. it feels very comfortable without even using the ear hooks , it doesn’t fall easily and it sit tights in your ear. I used the small spare ear-buds 🙂

    It has a build in Microphone and Remote control, the (+) and (-) sign indicates the Volume Up and Volume Down or Forward and Backward for playback plus Voice Command. while on the center is the power button for on and off and also to answer and end call for hands free mode feature.

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    Features and Sound Quality

    BH200 uses Bluetooth 4.0 for connectivity plus it also has NFC capabilities so it means pairing the device is easier if you have an NFC powered smartphone here a quick video showing how easy it is to pair the device.

    You just have to look for the NFC logo in the right earpiece and point that to your NFC powered device and it will automatically pair it and also disconnect it if you wanted to.

    What I really like about the BH200 is the Magnetic Clasp, this helps you when your usually on the go since on a typical earphone once you’re not using it you just can’t put in your neck just to lay around it will surely fall if it doesn’t have a lock , with the BH200 they designed it for everyday usage when you’re not using it just use the Magnetic Clasp and it will not fall to your neck which since day 1 I used the device I never removed it on my neck (just when taking a bath 🙂 ). It just like a bling bling necklace with a fancy design and that good part of it it’s not noticeable as an earphone when wearing.

    Since my Desktop has a Bluetooth capability which is the ASUS Z97 PRO Wi-Fi , I used the BH200 for all my productivity work like video editing it totally replaced my wired audio , the sound quality is totally superb I have other Bluetooth devices but the sound quality of the BH200 is totally one of the best out there that you can find. the Bass is very solid and doesn’t distort even on long usage.

    But of course since it’s still a Bluetooth device the closer to your device the better so in case you’re way to far from your device the Sound quality will be affected it has an effective distance of 33Fft.=./10m.

    I even used the device for the Google Launcher on my Android Device and I can just simply say “OK GOOGLE” and I can control my smartphone and its pretty accurate in terms voice quality for the mic.

    Battery Life

    Battery life is always the main concern in terms of portable devices like Bluetooth earphones and I was totally skeptical using this device since I really had a bad experience in terms of battery when it comes to Bluetooth devices my old devices only have a battery life of 2–3 hrs and it was devastating I always needed to charge and at the end I ended using those devices. But for the BH200 the story is way different from day 1 I have unboxed it gave a whole day 6hrs straight usage from my video editing and listening to YouTube videos. and I was really surprised it still has a battery juice even though it’s notifying me via the voice prompt and you know the battery is weak since the audio tends to change and it give a higher pitch for the lyrics rather than the audio.

    But for the record when I am just using it for a casual use like listening to Facebook videos, YouTube videos and Spotify it lasted 2 days to me since the great thing about the device is when it’s idle it automatically shutdown by itself. plus you can still used it even when charging so if you have a powerbank it can be charge using that which is really nice.

    When you turn on and turn off the device there’s a voice prompt that tells if its off or on, but for the charging you will see a small LED indicator in the remote control so the LED light will turn off once its fully charge. see the image below.

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    Overall for the price of Php1,590 it’s totally worth it once you start using it you won’t remove it from your neck 🙂 if you always listen and an On-the-GO person this is the right device for you portability,durability and sound quality name it you have it. It has a very long battery life. if your into running sports this is your best companion even when your on a GYM the magnetic clasp is one simple added feature with this device that I can say they did it the right way. the device has a 6 months warranty so your investment for this device is totally worth it. they have branches nationwide if you want to purchase it you can message them at their official fanpage to know which branch has the available stocks.

    For the BH200 I’m giving it the recommend badge, outstanding and a total rating of 98

    In case you already have one let me know in the comment section what is your experience and I would love to hear from you guys 🙂

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