Playground Acoustic 5.0 Bluetooth with Powerbank Feature Speaker Review — Bang for the Buck portable speaker


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    Playground Acoustic 5.0 Bluetooth with Powerbank Feature Speaker Review — Bang for the Buck portable speaker

    Today we review another bang for the buck device from Playground. Portable device is in evidently popular nowadays and in fact, its getting more and more affordable. Some devices even have multiple feature which is the same case with the product I’m sharing in this post.

    Meet the Playground Acoustic 5.0 a Bluetooth speaker with a power bank feature built into it. Usually, portable speakers are just plain speakers that you can put or bring anywhere, and some of them have Bluetooth features but basically that’s it.

    Playground is known for producing unique devices that are solid build and premium but also affordable that anyone can buy. We reviewed several devices from the past and we still have more products to review soon so be sure to stay tuned on that.

    Playground is known for producing unique devices that are Premium build but at the same time affordable that anyone can buy.

    Let’s Start with its packaging, it comes with a plain white rectangular box. Inside includes the following, Warranty Card, User Manual 3.5mm to 3.5mm Stereo Cable and the AC/DC 12.6V adapter.

    The device is actually very light only 1220g (Net Weight). The outside design of the box features the parts of the product like the buttons placement and its main features which I’ll be sharing in a bit. The Acoustic 5.0 is 258 x 108 x 96mm approximately same size as a Whole tasty bread (medium size), what we got is the color black with a smooth matte black finish all throughout out the body.

    Front and both side has a dotted pattern design or some call it grills including also at the bottom, but only the front and the bottom part has the actual holes to see what’s inside. A blue LED light illuminates the front Bluetooth logo which indicates when it’s paired and can also help in troubleshooting the connectivity of the devices when pairing. screw holes and rubber tips are located beneath that makes the speakers looks seamlessly sealed. In terms of the build, it feels solid and premium I love the simplicity and minimalist design with an etched designed surrounding the dotted design. Two Speaker drive is 2.5-inch in size and are located in front.

    At the top we can see the (3) three buttons, the volume down/ Rewind / Back then the Volume Up / Forward / Next and the Play / Pause / Handsfree Mode button. A small hole is also located beside the Play / Pause button which indicates the Mic. While looking at the back is the location of all ports starting with the ON/OFF button then the USB port that outputs 5V which can cater smartphone and tablet for charging since the Acoustic Bluetooth speaker has a built-in 6,600mAh Battery capacity. Next are the Audio Input jack and Earphone Jack this ports can be used if in case users want to plug it with an MP3 Player in case you don’t want to use the Bluetooth feature and put Headphone to monitor. Last but not the least is the 12.6V AC/DC adapter port to charge the device or use as an AC adapter for continuous usage of the speaker.

    The Acoustic 5.0 Bluetooth speaker has a built-in 6,600mAh Battery capacity.

    It can easily be paired with any smartphones or tablets. the name of the device will show as Acoustic 5.0 simply pair the device and it indicates a tone once it’s paired successfully. Unfortunately, the Blue LED light in front can’t be turn off but don’t worry it doesn’t give a drastic battery usage. Music playback can go from 8 hours to 15 hours or even more depends on usage. I love how lightweight this device is literally I can easily put it anywhere, the design is versatile since the size is compact it can easily be stacked with other items. But one thing is only missing is a docking hub within the speaker since this device is capable of charging any devices, so it may just lay around if you’re going to charge your device or just put it on top so having a dock on top might be an option just in case for the next iteration.

    Imagine a Bluetooth speaker that is comparable to other branded speakers out in the market

    Well, I’m not going to complain, Why? Can you believe the Acoustic 5.0 Bluetooth speaker is price for only ₱2,990 ($65) imagine a Bluetooth speaker that is comparable to other branded speakers out in the market, I have checked the LG Bluetooth speaker a couple of months back which is price around 7,000 pesos my main complaint with that device is the weight although no doubt sound quality is superb but with that price tag I think the Acoustic 5.0 beats it.

    Bluetooth range is up to 10 meters away from the speaker, connectivity is stable no constant connection issues. The device can charge in less than 2 hours but can still be used while still pluggin in. It can also be used to answer calls by pressing the Handsfree button call quality is above average and audio quality on the other side is clear.

    Ok! Sound Quality, Bass are solid although I’m not an audiophile person, but I can say on a max volume totally, massive for its size highs and lows are clear, but the mid is a bit tiny. But for its price again I’m not going to complain solid, lightweight and elegantly crafted.

    Overall Playground Acoustic 5.0 is a budget Bluetooth speaker that won’t burn your wallet. It’s a solid piece of device that can be placed anywhere in your house, it’s lightweight and long-lasting battery. Plus the Sound Quality is Superb! Although I wished they added an NFC feature and a bundled bag so that if we want to bring it outdoor it will be easy but then that is just minor overall the Playground Acoustic 5.0 speaker is a two thumbs up from us and received our Recommend plus Editor’s Choice award.

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