Ding Ding Iron 1 Impression and Initial Review — Tougher than you think


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    Ding Ding Iron 1 Impression and Initial Review — Tougher than you think

    A couple of weeks ago SKK introduced their new product line up and with a new brand. One of them is the Ding Ding technology Iron 1 dubbed as a strong premium build device. Today we got to check it out starting out with its packaging no doubt Ding Ding technology put efforts with their packaging.

    Having a black color scheme cover with color overall box.

    Inside it has a unique packaging that I only saw with the Xiaomi products like the Mi Box. Opening the box shows a graphic and text saying, “Metal” “Slim” “Style” with a side view of the Iron 1 then Having 3 boxes inside. The top box includes the mobile phone case (Flip Cover, and transparent back case), followed by 2 boxes. box 2 includes inside is the travel charger with 500Am and the last box have the Micro USB cable, earphone with mic button and the screen protector plus the 1650mAh which also is fully sealed.

    If you watched me recent video of the Axgio smartphone, you will see its the first manufacturer that I saw putting a plastic cover on the battery pins, I know it sounds minor for anyone but as I said I hope other manufacturers implement this on their packaging and I’m glad Ding Ding also implements that on their battery packaging. 🙂 and for the last part beneath those boxes is the User manual and Warranty Card.

    Overall for the packaging I can say it’s one of the few brands who implements boxes to make the accessories organized.

    Here is a closer look of all the accessories included inside.

    Closer look at the transparent case and flip cover included inside.

    Now checking the actual device in front we can see the 5-megapixel front camera and beside it is a new feature of the device the “heart rate sensor” which I will discuss in a bit, then the Light proximity sensor alongside while at the center is the earpiece and on the right most part are the LED notification and front flash for people who love to take a selfie.

    It’s a 4.7-inch FWVGA with a resolution of 480 x 854 and a pixel density of 240dpi. at the bottom is the 3 capacitive buttons the Menu, Home and Back button that doesn’t have any backlit but comes with a reflective sticker.

    beneath it is the pinhole mic, micro USB port, and the 3 speaker holes.

    right side is the power and volume rocker while on the left side is just plain but as what I said the build is a premium metal frame surrounding the body, moving to the top is the 3.5mm jack which is NOT a CTIA compliant.

    Moving to the back it comes with 8-megapixel rear camera with dual led flash then we can see the Ding Ding logo at the bottom most part. Inside it has a rocking 1650mAh removable battery with 2 micro sim and an expandable card slot using micro SD. the back cover is a black color clear matte finish.

    Bonus: This is how it looks when the transparent case is attached and the flip cover.

    Ding Ding Iron specs is not that spectacular on paper but notable features is the heart rate sensor that works when you put your finger on the sensor beside the front camera on the left side , simply open the heart rate app then click start and place your finger to the sensor and it will load and read your bpm pretty nifty feature I can say but as of now I can’t say how accurate is this feature.

    The display has a surprising great viewing angle thanks to it’s OGS display but not as almost flat in the panel but for it’s size I can say it’s pretty darn good. The UI is also minimalist and candy looking, but the wallpaper is like the MIUI of Xiaomi.

    Tons of feature for the price of Php4,399 when you go to the settings you will see the Air Gesture features (Air Browse, Air Call-accept, Smart screen, Palm Monitor and Quick gesture entry) and one of my favorite feature is the Double tap to wake and Double tap to sleep.

    For the Sensors, it includes Accelerometer, Light, Orientation, Proximity although the Magnetic sensor is activated, but it seems not working on the initial test.

    It’s running on Android KitKat 4.4.4 plus the notification toggle is semi-transparent with all the quick access on top of it.

    Antutu gave me a score of 19,667 which is pretty much average for an MT6582 SoC’s but if you’re curious on how durable this device well you better watch my Chef Mode test below 🙂

    Camera is not too fabulous but it’s OK, although the front camera has a front facing flash I can say on my initial test when its capturing its not sync to the flash the images was soft and not focussed plus a minor bug I encountered since there is an upgrade via the OTA all my initial Photo taken when I did my unboxing was all deleted after the upgrade which is not good Ding Ding hopefully on your next update you won’t delete any files since its inconvenient so sorry guys if you will not see any first-hand Photo’s taken during my unboxing 🙁

    For now I can say for durability and design the Ding Ding Iron 1 raises the flag for entry level devices even not having a great specs it still packs some nifty features like the heart rate sensor and some air gesture features 🙂 stay tuned for the full review soon if you have any further feel free to comment down below and I’ll try to answer them .

    Ding Ding Iron 1 Full Phone Specification

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