ASUS Zen Power Unboxing and Quick Review


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    ASUS Zen Power Unboxing and Quick Review

    ASUS ZenPower will be officially available in the Philippines in the next upcoming weeks and luckily we had a chance to have it on hand. Here’s a quick unboxing and review plus comparison with the other powerbank like Xiaomi Mi 10,400mAh.

    Watch the video below for more details.

    Technically the ASUS Zen Power 10,000mAh is a Credit Card size powerbank which makes it really compact and portable. it uses a 3 cell rechargeable lithium-ion cell battery that can guarantee for more than 2 times of charging for the ZenFone 2 with 3,000mAh battery. and the aluminum build is similar with the material used for macbooks 🙂

    It comes with a User manual and the dedicated USB cable for charging. The powerbank has only 2 ports, the Micro USB and USB port.

    LED indicator shows the status of the powerbank’s capacity

    Based on the manual it says Quick charging : supports 2.4A quick charging but when plugged to the ZenFone 2 it doesn’t show the quick charging Plus “+” sign to indicate that the Quick charging is working.

    It comes with various colors like Gold and Silver with a size of 90.5mm x 59mm x22mm (Credit Card size)

    Charging time is

    • 6hrs with DC 5V/ 2A using Standard Cable
    • 9hrs with DC 5V/ 1A using Standard Cable

    for the 10,000mAh I manage to charge 2 smartphone devices both got them full charged which is really a great thing to consider but the charging time is really way too slow for 6–9hrs depending on what amperes are you going to use.

    also the great news about this powerbank it can charge any smartphones and tablets base on my test I managed to charge a Tablet like the Mi Pad and a Windows Tablet like the O+ Convertible

    Here is a closer look at the device comparing with the Xiaomi Mi powerbank 10,400mAh , but take note that Xiaomi also announced a Credit Card size version of their powerbank you can check it out here

    The ASUS Zen Power will retail for only 795 but we still don’t have the exact date on when it will be available nationwide but for the meantime you can purchase it now at Widget City

    ASUS Zen Power Specification

    • Battery Type — Lithium-ion rechargeable cell
    • Input Power — DC 5V 2.0A
    • Output Power — DC 5.1V 2.4A
    • Capacities — 3.6V/10050mAh
    • Charging Time — 6hrs with 5V/2A standard cable
    • Dimensions — 90.5 x 59 x 22 mm
    • Features — Load Detection: Auto-detect the plug-in and plug-out of devices
    • Temperature Protection
    • Short circuit Protection
    • Reset Protection
    • nput over Voltage Protection
    • output over Voltage Protection
    • Input reverse direction protection
    • over charge/over discharge protection
    • Output Over Current Protection
    • Cell PTC Protection
    • adapter protection
    • Jeita Protection

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