App Review — Veems : A Private Messaging app with Photo sharing with Voice Feature


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    App Review — Veems : A Private Messaging app with Photo sharing with Voice Feature

    Today we are going to take a look at the app called VEEMS. It’s basically a private messaging app that can share photo’s but with a unique feature of adding 4 seconds voice message. Other photo sharing and private messaging apps just share photo’s simply by adding filters and typing your messages. But have you ever wondered sharing a photo without even typing a single word to share a message? Well Veems let’s you do that you can add a voice message on every photo that you share.

    It’s available for both iOS and Android devices.
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    The app is very straight forward and easy to use but to be honest it took a while for me to get into the public sharing feature , well its just for me.

    To start with the main screen will show the stickers on the left side plus the DIY button, the menu on the upper right and the friends list at the bottom part of the app. all the users of VEEMS app is called Veemer’s and every post you make is called veem pretty cool name huh!

    You can shuffle the sticker on the main screen by tapping the veems logo / icon and the stickers change depending on age, location, and time. For example, if it’s morning, the stickers will show “Good Morning” and other related stickers. Once you’ve decided you just have to click the sticker and it will generate a unique voice message that you can send to your friends privately. take note that stickers can only be sent thru private messages.

    you can also add a friend or invite by pressing the “+” icons then search for a name or you can add the recommended friends on the list。

    Stickers are very cute and funny they all have a unique voice messages, but there is no preview for the voice so you need to send it first just to hear the message which is really addicting. so be sure not to spam your friend just to test the voice.

    There is also an in-app purchase but as of the moment upon writing this review it only has 1 premium stickers and it’s just worth Php43 very affordable for a cool looking stickers.

    The camera has a swipe gesture feature that you can easily toggle your camera in case your phone has a front and rear camera. once you took a photo it loads the timer for the voice recording and from there you can say a message for a maximum of 4 seconds. if you have an existing photo you can also use by clicking the Import button.

    Veems app also has an active community of “Veemers” sharing veems. You can access all of that on the public feed which you can easily switch by clicking the globe icon from there you can click the DIY to share a veem and then next is choosing the explore category on where you want it to show it’s either on your own feed or others like My1stVeem, Funny, Selfie, Love, Music, and other more.

    You can also simply click the categories to check what others are sharing you can like , share and comment on other veemers.

    There’s also a feature called Revoice where in you can reshare the photo and change the voice message by your own dub. it’s simply like reposting for instagram. Users will get a chance to be featured in Editor’s Choice. so be sure to take those great moments.

    Veems is a fun and easy to use app it’s also very addicting since you don’t even need to type a word just simply say your message to describe your photo, I used it to share life moments and also on private messages I usually ask something with a reference photo rather than me typing what I want to ask.

    So be sure to try out veem it’s a great app available for Android and iOS.

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