ZenFone 2 Zen Flash Quick Info


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    ZenFone 2 Zen Flash Quick Info

    One of our favorite product that has been announced in the ASUS ZenFone 2 Philippine launching is the Zen Flash. This portable device is a Real Xenon Flash that can be plug on your ZenFone 2 Device. Luckily I had a closer look and quick hands-on with this nifty device. the way it works is not the typical flash like the Lolliflash that can be plugged in the 3.5mm jack.

    The way it’s different is it needs a dedicated app to work, the app is called Zen Flash and it’s not yet available in the Google Playstore. But not only that even you have already the APK of the app you still won’t be able to use this gadget since it needs a new firmware in order for it to be available on your ZenFone 2 Device. so that also means that It might not work on other Android devices since it needs a specific firmware build. We will still look at this device soon once we got the actual device. And in fact it only cost Php995 which can give you a better lighting in terms of Mobile Photography.

    Here is a closer look, it uses a Micro USB to use and has an octopus suction to stick at the back of your smartphone. or any surface.

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