Xiaomi MIUI Lite/Express 1.2.0 released — Changelog


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    Xiaomi MIUI Lite/Express 1.2.0 released — Changelog

    Xiaomi MIUI recently released an update on their MIUI Lite/Express app a micro Miui experience on your smartphone without even flashing a new rom, if you are using the MIUI Lite/Express already you have received the notification for the update but in case it’s your first time to install the simply just download it here and install 🙂

    Changelog for MIUI Lite/Express 1.2.0


    • Ported to 50 dual-sim devices
    • Enhanced speed in Contacts & Calls & Contacts details page

    Recommended new devices this week: Samsung I9300, Sony LT36h, HTC Butterfly, Lenovo K910


    • Ported to 50 dual-sim devices


    • Reduced sync time for Contacts & Messages
    • Enhanced launch speed of Contacts & Calls & SMS page


    • Could not install apps in some devices
    • Some devices could not send/receive SMS
    • Dual-sim status showed incorrectly after removing SIM card when the phone was on
    • Some devices could not use Calls/Contacts/Messaging etc.
    • It would keep downloading weather data when system time had errors
    • It would show wrong number of unsynced contacts when deleting your account
    • The background would turn black when entering dailing page
    • Sometimes the contacts list wouldn’t show
    • Sometimes screen turns black when switching between Contacts and Calls pages
    • Incorrect MMS icons in SIM card 2 for dual-SIM devices
    • Some devices could not delete all messages
    • Duplicate contacts in different accounts
    • Endless rebooting caused by SMS
    • Sometimes Blocklist would not respond
    • No response when clicking the download status bar
    • Some devices crashed when enabling Mi Cloud
    • Contacts imported from the SIM card wouldn’t show in contacts list in dual-SIM devices
    • No screen lock when turning on the screen after it’s turned off for a long time
    • Some devices could not receive and download MMS

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