Xiaomi Coming Soon in the Philippines? can this be a threat or can kill local brands?


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    Xiaomi Coming Soon in the Philippines? can this be a threat or can kill local brands?

    Xiaomi is known for the Quality and affordability and maybe for some of my readers may know I am a big fan of Xiaomi I am active on their forum reading updates and checking different stuffs, recently according to ABS-CBN News / ANC News.

    They quoted

    Pinoys who want an iPhone but don’t want to shell out the cash will have a new option soon — Xiaomi phones.

    The draw, Bloomberg says, is that the Chinese phones are comparable to iPhones and Samsung smartphones but sell at half the price.

    A Xiaomi phone introduced in Singapore in February retailed for $135 (around P6,000).

    Buyers won’t be in bad company. Bloomberg says deliveries to Singapore stores sold out in minutes.

    Xiaomi will start selling phones in Malaysia in a few weeks, then Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines, before heading to India, Brazil and Mexico.

    Yes! you’ve read it right Philippines is included among the place where they will sell xiaomi phones imagine if they can have that same price in the Philippines. if this will come how many minutes before their units will be sold out in the Philippines? 😀

    But the big question is this a big treat to local brands? although we know xiaomi seems to be similar with Apple when it comes to releasing phones they are just limited and you can choose from their small list but they also selling other stuffs like TV and Router. Not like local brands you tons of choices. So what are your thoughts on this if xiaomi will soon be in the Philippine market? are going to buy one? share it in the comment section down below 😀


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