Why I moved to Linode SSD Cloud Server


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    Why I moved to Linode SSD Cloud Server

    Hey guys! I am very excited to announce a new milestone again of Pinoyscreencast. I was very busy for a couple of days because of this, so today I official migrated my site to a new SSD Cloud Server called Linode. of course some of you will ask why did I transfer my site to a new server? well the exact answer is I was paying a large amount every month but I am not happy with the service, lately my traffic spiked up and my site always crashed for sure some of you have encountered that. and not only that some users messaged me that they are blacklisted on the site so that is really frustrating. I am hosted before at JustHost they have a good service I’ve used their hosting for years, but with some issues and downtime I just need to find a new and more reliable service.

    So I ask some colleagues for recommendation I was planning to purchase another shared hosting site which is more affordable but looking at their monthly rate it was not really cheap it’s twice the regular price, thankfully I asked my former boss on what hosting are they into now, luckily they also migrated to a new hosting and they mentioned Linode. So I did my research and look for some feedback regarding their service and boy I was jumping to joy when I saw the price and what they can offer which you can find here.

    on their cheapest plan it’s just $10 with 24 GB of SDD Storage 2TB of Data Transfer 1GB RAM and 1 CPU Core. plus you have all the luxury of tweaking the server which I really need , I want to control my server the way I wanted , Tweak, Calibrate, Security , Speed and Performance name it you can have it. if you have the knowledge

    I was skeptical at first that It might be troublesome to start migrating my site but thankfully they have a 7 days trial risk free service where you can test out their server plus a great documentation on how you can migrate your files and database easily. So I prepared my files and surprisingly after compressing my files it took about 2GB of file size! #goodbyeInternet.

    Yeah I was problematic on how I will transfer that file without downloading it to my local hard drive because you know that our ISP providers are really slow although If I will use LTE that will be just fast but still it will take hours so I submitted a ticket and ask for some advice and luckily they gave me an answer. although I know that it’s possible to transfer files from server to server but the problem is some hosting provider just limits that feature. I’m glad the provide this privilege

    So the moment of transfer has come 2GB of file I need to transfer on my new server I grab my Juice #noCoffeeBawal LOL! coz I know it will take a while to transfer that huge amount of data, but boom you know how many seconds it just took to transfer that file less than 1 minute, because the data transfer rate was averaging from 20–30mbps I was not able to taste my juice because it was done already transferring my files plus the Database.

    So in short it was a blast, although it took a while for me to calibrate the site because some of the info’s I got was outdated and I needed to learn the new updates but still it was a great experience learning all the things I want that I can’t implement on my server which is now If I want to try some configuration I can easily implement it without affecting the main server.

    if you’re planning to migrate and looking for a speedy hosting well Linode is the best choice

    although there is an alternative which is the Digital Ocean it was my first choice but I just got some issue on the payment platform. But the Server panel is really easy to navigate.

    So there you go this is the new pinoyscrencast blazing fast but still I will tweak and enhanced it more, if you encounter any issues regarding the site feel free to send it in the contacts or post it in the forum section so we can fix it immediately.

    PS: for those who registered in the site around 12pm today please to check your account again since the migration took place around 5pm but the backup of the database and files was earlier than that so maybe some you might not see you accounts active, so please do check it

    Thank you guys for the support and great new my health condition is so far getting better so expect lots of surprises this upcoming 2015

    see yah!

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