[VIDEO] The future of Adobe creative applications on Microsoft devices


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    [VIDEO] The future of Adobe creative applications on Microsoft devices

    Adobe has been really aggressive on their Creative Cloud updates and recently after the Adobe MAX Conference they unveiled new mobile apps for designers, although the apps are meant for iPad users for now Adobe still has some surprises for Windows user they have showed in a video what we can expect in the upcoming months or years take a look this awesome features coming in for Microsoft devices.

    I’m really excited for this because the dawn of affordable Windows powered tablets are just in our hands now since the release of the Windows 8.1 with Bing, manufacturers now have the capability to produce affordable Windows Devices without paying any licensing fee and yes you’ve heard it right $0 cost for that. so that means we will have more Microsoft Windows Devices soon and with Adobe’s plan for Touch devices designers will have more creative ways to produce stunning master piece.

    To watch the recent Max Conference just visit this link.

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