[VIDEO] CD-R King 3D Printer Hands-on PHP100,000


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    [VIDEO] CD-R King 3D Printer Hands-on PHP100,000

    We just saw the actual unit of the CD-R King 3D Printer at the Megamall branch and we had a chance to have a demo test so here how it works in the flesh 🙂

    for more details check it out on their product page 🙂


    • Linear ball bearings: 8 and 10 mm
    • Technology: FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) for PLA and ABS
    • Power supply: 15 V / 6.5 A max.
    • Standard USB 2.0 to Mini 5pin
    • Dimensions of printable area: 200 x 200 x 200mm
    • Typical printing speed: 100 mm/s
    • Maximum print speed: 150 to 300 mm/s (depending on the object to be printed)
    • Extrusion nozzle: 0.5 mm
    • Extrusion thermistor: NTC 100K
    • Extruded aluminum profiles: 20 mm wide
    • Movement: 4 Wantai Stepper Motor
    • Printer Dimension: 600mm x 430mm x 580mm (L x W x H)
    • Packaging Dimension: 650mm x 515mm x 640mm (L x W x H)


    • Nominal mechanical resolution:
      X and Y: 0.015 mm (smallest step the printing plate can move in the X and Y direction)
      Z: 0.781 µm (smallest step the printing plate can move in the Z direction)
    • Nominal printing resolution:
      Wall thickness (X,Y): 0.5 mm
      Layer thickness (Z): 0.20–0.25 mm
    • Software: Repetier version 0.84 and up
    • included: 5m PLA filament black sample
    • Tested in: Windows 7 and Windows XP

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