Twitter for Android Officially Now on Tablets


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    Twitter for Android Officially Now on Tablets

    Finally Twitter for Android tablets are now available, Twitter Announced that they will roll-out the new Twitter app full optimized for Tablets.

    Now Twitter is optimized for your Android tablet.

    Twitter app has been available on Android Smart Phones for a while now but Twitter really didn’t release any twitter app that is meant for tablet. but with the announcement of the new Twitter for Tablets they here are some of the features you can expect.

    The landscape view fills your screen with Tweets, the widget on the left side is quite similar with the tweet deck if your will compare it 😀 but looking at this interface is really easy to check trending topics.

    Twitter for Android Tablets.

    Multi-screen view

    this feature lets you put another app side-by-side with the twitter app.

    and a very creative feature where you can illustrate your tweets using this mini editor.

    to know more about the upcoming twitter app for tablet follow them @twittermobile

    but Twitter also mentioned that it will be available only for Samsung Tablet for now 🙁
    Twitter for Android Tablets is on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1–2014 Edition, and soon it will be available on other Samsung tablets as well.


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