Top 6 items WeReward can give you for FREE!


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    Top 6 items WeReward can give you for FREE!

    Want a great discount? Whether it’s through the hard-to-ignore deals that flash on your computer screen while surfing the net, or through push notifications from an enrolled rewards program, there’s nothing better than seeing a much-awaited item’s price slashed as low as it can go, ready for the taking.

    Mobile social communications app WeChat is taking the term “reward” to a whole new level with its WeReward program by partnering with some of the Philippine’s biggest brands, like the Philippines’ One-Stop Shopping Destination,; the easiest and most fun online ordering and delivery app, Foodpanda; superclubs Urbn & Raven, and the ultimate in wearables and running apps, Runtastic, to enable its loyal users to take full advantage of their promos without having to pay a centavo!

    WeChat users can receive items from any of the mentioned brands by accumulating enough points through daily tasks like making 60-second voice or video calls. Each corresponding action gives WeChat users 30 points which can be used to redeem prizes. A user can acquire a maximum of 30 points per day.

    Below are some of the top and most sought-after items that users can receive through WeReward:

    1. PENSHOPPE Ladies’ Loose Round Neck Animal Print T-Shirt, from Php99.00

    With just 25 reward points, WeChat users can get a P100.00 discount from the Philippines’ One-Stop Shopping Destination that you can use on its Mobile App*! And what better way to spend that P100.00 than by taking advantage of the popular items on its site — like this fashionable, summer-ready t-shirt from Penshoppe! Comes in various colors and prints. Shopping on the go!

    1. Sibyl M-59 Dog Tail Earphones, from Php99.00

    If you’re more into tech and gadgets, use your 25 WeReward points to snatch these snazzy Sibyl M-59 Dog Tail Earphones for your devices. These in-ear buds make it easy for you to do whatever you want, wherever you want. Comes in two colors: black and yellow.

    1. 50% discount on Sports Armband by Runtastic

    15 WeReward Points gets WeChat users half-off the popular Runtastic Sports Armband, which enables a safe, lightweight and hands-free experience for your active lifestyle and adventures.

    1. Free entry and free drink at Urbn and Raven BGC

    If you’re looking for a fun night out, this one’s for you. With 20 WeReward points, WeChat users can redeem for FREE ENTRY and a FREE ALCOHOLIC DRINK at Urbn 2.0 starting this month and at Raven in Bonifacio Global City until July 30. Limited to the first 100 guests.

    1. Original DVDs, from P100.00 each

    More of a moviegoer? Bring home with some of the silver screen’s best movies: Superman 3, Superman 4: The Quest for Peace, Paranormal Activity 2, American Gangster, That’s My Boy, Made of Honor, Barney and so much more. Worth only 25 WeRewards points each for

    1. P100.00 off from**, with a minimum of P200.00 purchase

    Since you’re staying home, why not order in? With 15 WeRewards points you can get up to 50% off your meal by purchasing any of the following:

    Caliburger BBQ Cheeseburger: Pay only Php115.00 from original price of Php215.00

    Greenwich Pizza Thins, from Php230.00 pay only Php130.00

    JujuEats Big Boy Salad Half, from Php230.00 pay only Php130.00

    Promo period is from May 20 to July 30, 2015, and is available for every member with a WeChat account. For more info on WeReward, simply open WeChat App, and look for ‘WeChat Team’ in your chat messages list. Click “WeReward” at the bottom of “WeChat Team”. Or, simply make a voice / video call now. (Essentially, it’s free, as long as you have data or wifi. )And you’ll get your WeReward message with points right after. Find pa more, Do pa more, Rewards pa More, WeChat pa More!

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