Starmobile’s new elegant slim type smartphone — Knight Luxe


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    Starmobile’s new elegant slim type smartphone — Knight Luxe

    With tons of competition in the market today, Starmobile still managed to have a very stylish and elegant looking smartphone. A Diamond cut finished aluminum case with still a removable battery having a capacity of 2050mAh.

    The packaging is consistent with this model similar with my recent unboxing of the Starmobile Knight Vision, it also comes with a semi-transprent back case.

    My first impression with this device is it’s slim form factor, I was surprised that its a removable battery. carrying it was really lightweight, the back cover is also very thin and flexible.

    the build is very premium and light and can be compared to the Samsung S5 in terms of design and build. What’s unique with device is they didn’t use the Sony sensor that we can see on other local brands. they used a hipster camera sensor which I myself have to check closely. Since we had a little time checking the device what we only got is some initial thoughts about the quality of the output base on looking at the smartphone display.

    Since it uses the Samsung ISOCELL sensor they said it has a better quality in terms of photo. But we will still check it out once we got a review unit soon. A 13-megapixel Auto Focus lens rear camera gave a decent output comparing with our main device driver which is the Zenfone 2. But it’s just base on display so it will still vary when checked on a PC.

    for some the specs are really basic and it doesn’t have any fancy hardware feature like LTE and NFC but with it’s price range having an AMOLED display plus 2GB of RAM with 16GB of ROM I can say it still can compete with other local brands.

    The back has a regular + micro sim with dual 3G standby, and can be expanded upto 32gb of Micro SD.

    Some nifty features it have is the Partial Screenshot which you can select which part of the screenshot you just want to save, then a floating dialer and a custom gesture which you can make your own gestures to create a task. and some sports activity app built-in to it.

    Overall for the Initial Hands-on I was amazed how they managed to make the size of the battery to 2050mAh with that slim form factor plus a very lightweight device. Yes! it’s totally beautiful when you see it in person. We will have a review unit soon so stay tuned for the complete detail regarding this device.

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