Tips to a hassle free purchasing experience with CD-R King


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    Tips to a hassle free purchasing experience with CD-R King

    NOTE: I am not paid by CDR-King to write this post this is to help other consumers like me.

    I always find something to make work easier on my end, so in this post I will share some of my experience with CD-R King when it comes to a hassle free experience when purchasing.

    We all know CD-R King is the #1 One-stop shop for almost anything when it comes to gadget and accessories and actually even not gadget related they offer now. ahem! rice cooker ahem! toaster.

    But CD-R King is known for Old School traditional pen and paper receipt right, but there’s a reason behind that since it makes the cost of their product cheaper rather than having a POS since that is an additional cost for them and if they add additional cost on their infrastructure that will also be an additional cost for the product.

    Well similar also with other Online brands like Xiaomi they can manage to lower their product cost because they don’t offer a physical store and you can only purchase their products online, but there are rumors that they will be starting to have a physical store but then there is a catch for that their product will have an additional cost for that.

    So these companies like CD-R King and other related brands have the same business model lower cost of product = lower infrastructure cost.

    If you’re expecting CD-R King will change their business model well they have been doing this ever since day 1 (2006). so what can you do, well in short live with it and hack it all the way

    but of course there are ways to hack this traditional way of user experience and customer service you just have to research or follow this simple tips.

    Tip 1

    CD-R King has a dedicated website and you can see almost all their product on their site so the first step is to check if they have the product that you are searching or planning to buy.

    Once you have the product simply look at the right part of their site in the home page and you will see the contact numbers on where you can as for the availability of stocks.

    Oh! thanks CD-R King for putting that cute ladies there so I can easily see the reminder that you have those hotlines 🙂

    as you can see here are the contact details for stock inquiries

    • 245–0558
    • 245–0559
    • 245–0599
    • 0925–512–2238

    Minimum purchase of 1000php for Nationwide
    claiming of orders @ preferred branch

    Available Mondays to Fridays
    9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

    And on Saturdays

    9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

    Email: [email protected]

    as you can see there is a hotline for landline and even mobile plus if you want to email them that is also possible , but based on my experience email inquiry usually takes a while to answer the best way is to call their hotline numbers.

    but if you have a mobile and have a messenger account feel free to IM then using yahoo messenger just add “jaypee_cdr”

    but I do hope CD-R King maximize facebook messenger for pages since for almost all consumers now uses Facebook and the popular FREE Net for facebook and the great thing about that users can access messenger for free so I do hope they maximize this platform so CD-R King if you’re reading this kindly add this to your bucket list 🙂

    great thing about CD-R King is when you ask for availability of stocks it pretty much 90% accurate since even though they uses pen and paper in terms of receipt . they still have a centralized POS computer system for the stocks of all the branches so they manage their stocks well in terms of different branches.

    Tip 2

    Now once you have the available stocks of the product you want to purchase and they will give the right branches that they have stocks so it’s either you follow the branch where there are stocks or just try and go directly to the nearest store branch in your location.

    Do not go on peak hours like afternoon or rush hour, similar when commuting in MRT, CD-R King is flooded with people on peak hours. I suggest going around in the middle of Morning and Afternoon so people are at work and you’re the only person in line 🙂

    Tip 3

    CD-R King is a number system if they are flooded with people but before you grab that number and fall in line I do recommend ask first the sales ladies if there is an available stock for that item in case you didn’t confirm it from my Tip 1. Yes that is not cheating in terms of line you are just asking if there are an available stock so if there are available stocks, if yes then go ahead fall in line, atleast you saved half of the time your going to waste if in case they don’t have stocks.

    Oh! be sure when buying you know already what you’re going to buy to save another time for you and for the sales lady going back and forth 🙂

    Tip 4

    Always! Always keep the packaging and receipt or else your doom! yes! remember when buying CD-R King products that are the only reference for warranty and other stuff so laminate it off you want to if you don’t want to lose it (Kidding :)).

    If your item have 7 days replacement and months of warranties. be sure to maximize that 7 days replacement period so that if in case it has a factory defect they will easily replace it and yes! they replace products if that is still within the 7 days replacement period.

    Usually Memory Cards are the crucial items in CD-R king that usually breaks in just a short amount of time but then if it’s still in the warranty period they do replace it which is really nice 🙂

    Tip 5

    Do go to a branch that has a warehouse like store , I usually buy CD-R King products on large store branches like , Trinoma, TechnoHub, Imall Novaliches, Fairview, SM north (which is near my location) but for sure there are other large branches of CDR-King and be sure to go there since it has better stocks and sometimes you can go windows shopping since it’s like a grocery type store similar in the picture above 🙂

    Tip 6

    Do you have a credit card? well if you have be sure to check the branches that offer credit card transactions here usually they offer pickup of orders if its Php1000 and above so its like pre-ordering the item so once you settle your order you just have to pick it up at the branch that you noted. 🙂

    In our world today technology is everywhere and its just about maximizing it.

    CD-R King products quality just boils down to user preference and how you use the product. if you’re a type of consumer who want a cheap product then expecting too much beyond what a cheap product can offer then I DO NOT recommend CD-R King because it will not give you the expectations you want.

    But if you’re a type of consumer who just want an alternative while waiting for a better one then CD-R King is the a great alternative product. to be honest all of my CD-R King products are just for alternatives for items that I want that can be offered cheaper and things you can’t find anywhere that you can only see in CD-R King.

    CD-R King is known for that like can you find an a Octopus USB Cables for tablets

    that doesn’t detect HDD? well on amazon and ebay there are but what if you need it now. where can you find it? Or Smartphone tools with different screws like this

    Or where can you find a cheap gaming mouse that is sleek looking 🙂

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    Well that’s it for the tips so If you find this useful be sure to share and if you have some tips also feel free to share it here for a better discussion 🙂

    Have a great day everyone 🙂

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