The All New Facebook “Goodbye Clutter,Hello bright, beautiful stories.”


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    The All New Facebook “Goodbye Clutter,Hello bright, beautiful stories.”

    Yes! finally Facebook is rolling out the new Newsfeed, which they have announced last week for the big surprise, and of course a lot of people don’t like change and so before the Facebook announced it they are already trolling about it that it will not look good. but today they Facebook have posted the official look! and boy when I first saw this, Only one word I say, “Awesome!” and yes the new design is so Awesome because of its minimalist and simplified look, they unified the look from your tablet and mobile devices and it makes them easier for you to see all the things you wanted to see and they have quoted it “Goodbye Clutter,Hello bright, beautiful stories.”

    Get to see more on this video,

    “so when we talk to people on how we can make the’re newsfeed better, one of the things that we heard over and over again was, the newsfeed is cluttered, and this was a restrain cleaning for us”

    the first thing you will always see on your newsfeed is photos’s because people love sharing photos and so they have revamp it and boost it up to a larger photos which is I think very nice 🙂 and it is now more organize

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    Get Facebook just how you want it with your choice of feeds.

    One of the major things I like about this new design looking on their official post is how they made the look similar on your tablet and mobile devices and I think that is the best feature that they did because, people are used to the look on their small screens (smart phones and tablets) and making it unified will make the user interaction much easier and faster.

    Hopefully they roll-out this soon.

    Everywhere You Go

    See the same clean look wherever you use Facebook — on mobile, tablet, or web.

    but also what I notice about the widgets on the left are similar to the ubuntu interface 🙂 WHICH IS NOT BAD because I also love the ubuntu UI 🙂

    so are you excited to try out the new look, what are you waiting for register now for the waiting list and be the first one to try , more info here

    official post

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