Thank You 2013 Welcome 2014 Let’s Rock!


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    Thank You 2013 Welcome 2014 Let’s Rock!

    Happy New Year Everyone! another year has passed and here we are in the year 2014 so let me just share some of my Goals for this year, well 2013 was really a blast for me lots of things happened I also met lots of new friends who also helped me a lot accomplishing what pinoyscreencast have now.

    with all of that I like to thank you everyone for the wonderful year we all did a great job and hope to accomplish more this 2014.

    More Video.. Video.. Videos!

    Expect more videos here in pinoyscreencast this year I know there are still lots of video that I haven’t released for my community don’t worry guys I will still release it, but right now expect me to post new blog post on some of my full reviews and some other stuffs, because before my plan was just focus on my YouTube Videos, but since there is still a need for a blog post I decided this year expect me to have more blog post also and before my full Review Video you can expect first my Full Review blog post. 🙂

    For some they may say my content might be redundant, for me I don’t worry on that because base on my experience YouTube Still has a different audience and I really love my YouTube Subscribers they are always there to support and watch my videos once it got uploaded which what I really like about, for my site I also want to build that people who comeback to my site to see daily updates about technology,how-to’s and other Geeky stuffs.

    Vlogs , Blogging, Blogs

    Since I haven’t upgraded yet my Workstation for my rendering power of my videos, that’s why I still can’t manage to upload realtime videos, or which I planned before of daily update videos but unfortunately I still can’t push it because of my minimal resources but don’t worry like what we always say there’s always a way for that! Video for me is really powerful and I think that is one thing that my followers really like about my site because I provide that content with a very Pinoy style videos 😉 and which I think why they comeback on my site.

    Like what I have said I still have a minimal resources unless someone sponsors me LOL! (Knock! Knock!) so I will give my best to provide visual graphic content, so what does it mean? well I really don’t like reading long content without much visuals so in short, when I provide my blog post you can expect more visuals (Graphics, Infographics).

    Art of Pinoyscreencast

    Maybe you noticed the new look of my site before 2014 if you have been visiting the site lately, I really focused now on the typography of the site as you will see it now more easy to read and more clean and minimalist even on mobile, so I really took time doing this things on my batcave while planning for 2014. so hopefully this will be a great start 🙂 but expect there will still be some adjustment on my site gradually 🙂

    Milestone of the Vlogger

    I am proud to say that my site have been viewed for more than 500,000 last year and I hope I can reach my first million Page Views this year since I will focus more on both sides but of course this will not be complete without my YouTube Milestone which helped my site a lot to gain traffic 🙂 I am also happy and proud to say I finally reached my 1,000,000 mark lifetime views and almost 7k Subscribers on my YouTube Channel again I would like to thank all the viewers,subscribers,commentators,liker’s,disliker’s and everyone without you this will not be possible for pinoyscreencast 🙂

    Thank you Everyone!

    Again, I would like to thank all the brands and PR’s who trusted me to share their product, content and services hope to collaborate with you all again this year and more projects to come 🙂 To all my Subscribers, Followers and Readers and of course to my Mentors,Inspiration,Friends,Family and my Loving Girlfriend thank You! Happy New Year Everyone!

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