Requirements for the New Postal ID (Digital 2015)


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    Requirements for the New Postal ID (Digital 2015)

    When I went to the Postal Office in Novaliches I was curious if they are already offering the new Digital Postal ID that was recently announced. Thankfully it’s already available so I went to their office located at the Forest Hill near the Postal Office, if you’re at the Novaliches Postal Office it’s just a few steps forward it’s a small room with a signage of the Postal ID.

    You will see this picture on the door which shows the Documents needed for the Posta ID.

    Requirements :

    1. Original Copy Birth certificate (NSO or LCR) with current Official Receipt (OR).
    2. Married Only : Marriage Contract (NSO or LCR) with current Official Receipt (OR).
    3. Any of the Following : Original Copy
    4. Barangay Clearance
    5. Police / NBI Clearance
    6. Billing Statement (Name to you)

    How much will it cost?

    • PID Card Fee — ₱300.00
    • PID Delivery Fee — ₱40.00
    • 12% VAT -₱ 44.40
    • Total Payment : ₱414.00 only

    Since I will still get my own Digital Postal ID I will update this post once I got my new ID. take note that the ID will take 1–2 weeks process and it will be delivered on your stated address. which is for me very convenient.

    The new ID consist the following features.

    • QR Code that can be scanned and verified using an Android App
    • Has Magnetic Stripe just like the credit cards.
    • It also has a holographic security and biometrics data.

    Where can the Digital Postal ID be used?

    • Postal ID now can be use for Government transactions like passport, Social Security System ID, Government Service Insurance System ID, driver’s license, and voter’s ID.

    So there you go that is how easy it is to get the new Digital Postal ID take note that the old postal ID (Laminated) will not be sufficient for some requirements anymore like if you want to claim your NSO Birth Certificate, the OLD Laminated Postal ID will not be accepted.

    for those who already have the new postal ID kindly verify if the amount you paid is the same in the stated above.

    *will update this post once I got the new Digital Postal ID

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