Pond5 Released New Plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro


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    Pond5 Released New Plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro

    Pond5 is a popular Stock Media Marketplace aims for visual content creator, they have tons of stock media you can you use for design,video,animation,vfx,3d and other stuffs.

    they recently released a new plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro users which makes downloading of stock footage’s as easy a possible, here’s how you do it.

    First is download the Plugin at http://www.pond5.com/adobe/

    once you have downloaded it install it in the Adobe Extension Manager, I tested this on Adobe Premiere Pro CC and it also worked although they just mentioned it’s for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

    Open your Adobe Premiere and you will see you new extension at > Windows > Extension.

    Be sure to checkout their website for more details about the Plugin and some goodies of stock media 🙂

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