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    O+ USA Convertible First Impression

    PC Tablet or Convertible Laptop are getting popular in the local tech scene in the Philippines. It’s handy and can almost replace a laptop, the great thing about this device is it’s a Tablet but at the same time also a Laptop since usually it comes with a Keyboard dock and runs on a Windows operating system. Although in terms of performance it’s still can’t be as powerful as any laptop out there but of course way better than the old school netbooks.

    O+ USA recently announced their newest Window base tablet PC or they call it O+ USA Convertible. When I first saw the announcement I was curious on how sturdy the body of the device, since just looking at it in photos you really can’t tell how durable the build of the tablet and keyboard dock.

    Luckily I got a chance to have one to check out. O+ USA is known for a premium quality product with a higher pricing comparing to other local brands that is available in the market. But with the O+ USA Convertible the pricing was just very surprising for the quality of the product and performance of the device.

    Before I dig in to my first impression of the product let’s first take a closer look at the O+ USA Convertible. In the packaging it comes with a Manual, Warranty card, Earphone with talk and mic button plus the power charger adapter which really looks like a laptop adapter.

    The build of the O+ USA Convertible is a premium plastic color dark grey material with a glittery mesh texture. it comes with a Keyboard dock with a built-in HDD that has a 500Gb of capacity which is quite similar with the ASUS Transformer Book T200. the weight is fairly OK but quite heavy when the tablet is attached to the keyboard.

    Looking at the top of the tablet is the Power button with a LED light indicator then the 3.5mm audio jack port. On the right side is the Volume rocker , Home / Windows Button, Micro SD slot which can be expanded upto 128Gb then the Micro HDMI for extended or mirror display. While on the left side is just plain. At the back is the 2-megapixel rear camera with the O+ USA Logo at the center and the 2 speaker grill. In front is just the 2-megapixel front camera with no Windows Logo in the lower part of the screen. But looking at the bottom is quite a weird position for this two ports the USB 2.0 and the Micro USB Port which is mainly used for the USB OTG cable and can also be charge using a powerbank like the Xiaomi Mi 10000mAh if you just want to use the tablet itself.

    It has a strong magnet that can securely attach to the keyboard dock. While the keyboard dock gas a 2 slots of USB 2.0 port it also has the Power Adapter port for charging the device and to power the HDD Drive.

    The great thing about this device is the Tablet, you can attach the tablet in the keyboard dock even when rotated to 180-degrees. so if you want to watch a movie or use the keyboard as a stand that is possible.

    It also has a large touch pad which I really like, but for the default settings its quite slow when using. Adjusting it in the control panel gives a better speed in terms of navigating. the keyboard is also very comfortable to type in, its similar with the ASUS Transformer Chi T300 and the keyboard dock is a solid material and doesn’t wobble when typing and even when the tablet is docked not like the other 2 in 1 devices I used recently. the only weird thing with the Keyboard is that it has a blank keys at the bottom of the enter button. Which I just wished they just made the right shift button larger coz it takes a while for me to get used to the small right shift key when typing.

    But overall for the keyboard it’s a solid one I like it better comparing with other local brands 🙂 typing is really comfortable even the tablet build is very sturdy and the design is really sleek. I really like how the branding is not so intrusive I’m glad they didn’t put the word “Convertible” on any part of the tablet it’s just the plain logo “O+” 🙂

    The screen of the tablet is a 11.6-inch with a resolution of 1366 x 768 which is higher than the 720p HD. Screen is IPS but there is just a slight shift of color when you view it in the bottom part of the tablet but that is just minor for me. but the screen is responsive and fluid so far even when using a capacitive touch pen.

    Well that’s it for my Initial impression will be using this device as my daily on-the-go device for the mean time and will give you further info on my full review so be sure to stay tune on that and let’s see on how this device can be compared to other branded devices out in the market.

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