New Xiaomi Mi Controller for only Php710


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    New Xiaomi Mi Controller for only Php710

    Xiaomi updated their controller device to a new and affordable version. Inline with the build quality it’s said to use the same material used with the Sony PS4 same process toughening the Samsung materials. Featuring a Rocker 360-degree field of precision positioning accuracy of 0.172 degrees shaking, center-specific anti-tampering measures 0.5 degrees, avoid shaking fingers brought misuse.

    Buttons are X /B/A/Y and L1 / L2 / R1 / R2. connecting via bluetooth 3.0 and compatible with any Xiaomi Devices and Smartphone, Tablet devices and even Smart TV’s.

    Cost is only 99 Yuan (Php710 tax excluded) and will be available starting tomorrow in China.

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