MTK Droid Root and Tool 2.5.1 Now Released


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    MTK Droid Root and Tool 2.5.1 Now Released

    Rua1 of XDA Developer Released the MTK Droid Root and Tool 2.5.1 which fixes some of the bugs from the recent version here are some of the changelogs.

    v2.5.1 is a bug fix for v2.5.0. Older added fix for backup flash emmc
    Сhanges v.2.5.0

    • Running on Win 8.1
    • Support MT6572 and MT6582 (already in v2.4.8b)
    • Support phones MTD flash and different from the 2048/64 ratio Page/Spare. In the log window displays at a connection is an ratio. Because Spare determined intuitively, there is the probability of error definitions. Then the images will have to recompile under Linux.
    • if the file system ubifs, then a warning is displayed with reference to the index page with a description of the problem.
    • Cleaned checkboxes “Backup userdata and cache” and Leave “FlashTool files on SD card” (wrote about this plan recently).
    • Fixed bugs found

    Known unresolved problems v2.5.1:

    • doesn’t make backup ubifs blocks
    • block secro incorrectly saves on some phones with MTD type flash if it is not mounted in the system
    • doesn’t make scatter in a new format for 6582 and 6572 devices ( in development process)



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