MediaTek released SDK for Android


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    MediaTek released SDK for Android

    If you’re a developer who wants to develop apps dedicated for MediaTek Devices it’s now possible MediaTek posted the Preview Release of their SDK that let’s you use their API there are also some great tutorials like creating your own HotKnot App in case you have a device to test that out. here are the SDK features.

    Preview Features

    • Complete set of libraries for MediaTek feature APIs that you import into your code, which are accompanied by full API documentation.
    • x86 MediaTek emulator based on a reference implementation of an Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) device powered by a MediaTek chip. In addition to all the usual Android emulator features, support is provided for testing and debugging telephony and multi-SIM features. In addition, the MediaTek emulator offers a vibrator indicator and hot-swappable SD card.
    • A customized version of the DDMS, which adds support for testing telephony features, such as plugging and unplugging a headset. The MediaTek DDMS can also be used to send telephony commands to test call and SMS features.

    You can checkout the link here to download the necessary files.

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