MediaTek New SoC MT6588 — The Future of Budget Choice Quad Core Smartphones


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    MediaTek New SoC MT6588 — The Future of Budget Choice Quad Core Smartphones

    MediaTek added another Quad Core SoC Chipset, as we all know that as of the moment MT6582 is the top ranking in terms of performance and efficiency when it comes to budget friendly Quad Core smartphones. but MediaTek is not stopping there even though there are already tons of SoC Chipsets for Octa Core Smartphones they still upgraded the Quad Core Soc and they named the new Soc to MT6588.

    The name MT6588 have already been used been used way back in 2012 but MediaTek Change it to MT6589 which also most of the people know right now. 😉

    But MediaTek didn’t abandoned the name it is now used as the next Budget Choice Quad Core SoC, here is the table of comparison between MT6572, MT6582, MT6588, and MT6592 so you have a better visual representation on what thus new Chipset has.

    You will notice the MT6588 Processing power is similar with the MT6582 which is a 4xCortex-A7 but just overclock to 1.7GHz but most of the specs can be compared to MT6592 which is a octa core level already like the Video Decoder and Encoder although the GPU is just less 100MHz with the Mali450-MP4 still this is a very powerful Chipset and it can render full HD (1080 x 1920) not like the MT6582 that has only a maximum resolution of 720p.

    This is an exciting new level for Budget Friendly Quad Core’s because people still can’t afford to buy the Octa Core unless you really need that added 4 cores on your day-to-day task but overall we might see this Chipset Soon in the market and it will be really exciting comparison with other competitors 🙂

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