Making any Music or Audio sound like a chipmunks and other tones


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    Making any Music or Audio sound like a chipmunks and other tones

    STEP 1: Open Adobe Premiere Pro , then goto FILE > NEW >PROJECT or by pressing ctrl + alt + N to create a new project

    STEP 2: Change the Location of the file where you want to save the project and assign a Name you want

    STEP 3:: Select any preset, because we are just be dealing with audio any format will do so I just choose HDV 720 30fps and rename the squence name

    STEP 4: now on the files panel right click on your mouse then click the import button and choose the audio you want to edit

    STEP 5: drag the audio in your timeline in the Audio 1

    STEP 6: click the effects on the effects panel and type in “PITCH” or by going to audio > stereo and look for the PITCH SHIFTER

    STEP 7: Drag the effect on the audio the you have embed on the timeline then goto effects control

    STEP 8: once your on the effects control you will see this settings of the pitchshifter click the arrow then adjust the settings on custom settings and individual parameters

    STEP 9: you can follow this settings shown in the image or by experimenting the slider by dragging it then fine tuning it

    STEP 9.1: You can Choose also on the ready made presets by clicking the icon on the upper right corner of the pitch shifter and if your not satisfied with the settings just tweak the sliders to fine tune it on how you want it to sound like

    STEP 10: once your satisfied you can save the preset by right clicking the name Pitchshifter and choose “SAVE PRESET”

    STEP 11: then rename and choose scale and add description for future reference

    STEP 12: you will now see the new presets on the effects panel and click the “presets” you will see all the custom presets that you have create on the current project

    STEP 13: to export and render the file go to FILE > EXPORT > MEDIA or by pressing CTRL + M

    STEP 14: then choose MP3 settings and choose any presets that you like then click the output name and choose where you want to save the file and press queue or export to render the file.

    and that’s basically it now you can listen to the new audio that you have edited and hear the new tone of voice depending on the settings that you have added.

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