LG introduces new Door-in-Door refrigerator models (2-Door GR-D432HLAL and 5-Door GR-M24FWCHL)


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    LG introduces new Door-in-Door refrigerator models (2-Door GR-D432HLAL and 5-Door GR-M24FWCHL)


    The new year is in full swing and everyone is gearing up for a healthier lifestyle. The parks and sidewalks are flecked with people decked in brightly colored sporting attires. Gyms are likewise bustling spots for long-time health enthusiasts and those looking to kick start an active habit.

    Adopting a healthy lifestyle is more than just maintaining a fitness routine. It is also about preparing food that is fresh and good for you and your family.

    Global technology innovator LG Electronics launches two new Door-in-Door Inverter refrigerators to further strengthen its commitment to providing products that enrich lives and promote health. The Door-in-Door™ system gives users easy access to frequently consumed food and drinks without needing to open the entire appliance. Not only does it keep food items fresher and longer but its innovative design also reduces cold air loss for up to 41 percent.

    “We understand that can be a challenge to keep a healthy lifestyle. The last thing you want is for your food items to be contaminated with harmful pathogens that can be a threat to your family’s health,” said Mr. Youngmin Chae, vice president of LG Philippines’ Home Appliances group.

    The two newest models — the 2-Door GR-D432HLAL and the 5-Door GR-M24FWCHL — also feature the Hygiene Fresh+ ™, a 5-layered filter that purifies the air in your refrigerator; and gets rid of dust, fungi, spore, odor, and bacteria. China Household Electric Appliance Research Institute (CHEARI) has certified Hygiene Fresh+ ™ with a 99.99 percent anti-bacterial capability.

    The smaller of the two, the GR-D432HLAL, is ideal for new families. The 2-Door with freezer model features the energy efficient Smart Inverter Compressor that automatically adjusts its cooling speed to the quantity of food inside the refrigerator. It also has the Bioshield Gasket that preserves the freshness of your food as it is treated with an anti-microbial agent.

    Bigger families and food lovers will rejoice the new 25.6 cu. ft.5-Door model’s Smart Organization feature. The GR-M24FWCHL has a unique adjustable shelving system and spacious zones for each family member. The handy Smart Storage components such as the Tilting Fresh Basket, In & Out Sauce Carrier, Xtra Duo Space, Folding Shelf, and Lock and Lock Box provide easy access to frequently used items. The model also features LG’s energy saving Inverter Linear Compressor technology, which reduces consumption by up to 32 percent while ensuring the quality of your food.

    Both the 2-Door GR-D432HLAL and the 5-Door GR-M24FWCHL models come with a 10-year motor warranty.

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