Kyocera Proteus Prototype Flexible Smartphone


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    Kyocera Proteus Prototype Flexible Smartphone

    Flexible screens are every consumers dream to have but despite of the fast phase technology manufacturers still haven’t perfected it we recently saw some brand manufactured bendable smartphone oops not the #bendgate issue, like Samsung and LG do you remember the G Flex and Galaxy Round also the new Galaxy Note Edge, they all have this unique screen features but still not fully flexible now here comes Kyocera Proteus aiming to make that vision to become a reality.

    Proteus phone is flexible ultrathin lightweight, but not only that it can also be a wristwatch or bracelet which can monitor your heartrate that you usually can find on any wristbands.

    but despite of its features still it’s on a prototype phase where it will still need lots of development like how the keyboard will work when its on a curve form and also the charging technology since its very thin it will need a different approach.

    Well are we going to see a real flexible screen smartphones in the upcoming years? or this will be just a dream for us, let me know in the comment section on what do you think about this technology.


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