Kodak announced Instamatic 5 Octa Core Android Device


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    Kodak announced Instamatic 5 Octa Core Android Device

    Still at CES 2015 Kodak announced their new Android powered device named Instamatic 5 similar with the Instamatic that was said to unveil a couple of weeks ago. The Android powered Octa core Kodak branded smartphone is using a MediaTek processor that is known for its affordability. Instamatic is priced around $249 (Php11,200) quite expensive for a start for Kodak but as the CEO says.

    CEO of Bullitt Mobile: “This is a phone for consumers who appreciate the value and heritage of the Kodak brand. It looks great, is easy to use and offers real value for money.”

    Running on Android OS (Kit-Kat which will be upgraded to Lollipop) It also comes with a dedicated app store (called simply “Apps”) that offers users quick and easy access to a hand-picked selection of applications suited to their interests which also has the traditional Google PlayStore. it will also be available globally starting in Europe next month.

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