Keep up-to date with Local Tech News with Techmisan App


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    Keep up-to date with Local Tech News with Techmisan App

    Have you ever wanted to know the latest Local Tech news from your favorite technology website by just using your Android smartphone, well there is now an app that lets you do that meet Techmisan an Android app develop by a Zamboanga based developer here in the Philippines. I got a chance to be one of the first to take a look at the app before it became available in the Google Play store, so let me show you some of the great features of the app.

    At first when you open the app it will show you the last 24 hours new articles that has been published by the local tech blogs and how many articles have you missed , in the favorite section you will see the Last 24hrs, All Undreads and all-stars all of that feature is functioning well which later I will show you how to use that.

    You will also notice the Tech section where you see all the aggregated tech blog sites. there’s a bunch of them including Pinoyscreencast 🙂 so you will surely love reading news from them also.

    the great thing about this app it has bunch of settings you can play around with like when you click the menu button of your capacitive buttons you will see a menu will pop up and you can either Hide read, Mark all read, Delete all, Delete all read, sort by and Switch layout which I like the most which lets you switch from a list view to a thumbnail view.

    here is a quick look of that and you can also change the theme of the app from light,dark and the custom Techmisan design theme.

    Now let’s take a look at the different settings you can access this by scrolling down at the bottom part of the slider panel and click settings , first is Synchronization you will see you can check different settings how it will sync with your device in the background , also setting the interval if you want to sync it via WiFi only or data.

    Next is the Display and Presentation which lets you choose the Display Language and Keep starred unread you can either tick that if you want.

    the Message store do all the clean ups on the app in case you see that the app has so much article and you don’t want to do it manually you go to this setting and choose the cleanup setup.

    Now the Notification section is where you can customize the ringtone and enable the best feature of this app which is the notifications which gets you notified once the tech site has published a new article.

    here is the different themes you can choose with

    black theme version

    Techmisan custom theme

    light theme

    Overall the app is very functional it grabs all the RSS feed of the different tech site plus it can also play YouTube videos and I really love the notification feature but the app isn’t perfect there are some design glitches like the images does not auto resize with the app display resolution but that is because of the excerpt from the RSS feed and how the publisher posted it, it still in its early version so for sure Fel Mar (Developer) will update it soon.

    if you want to try the app be sure to visit his fanpage at plus download the app now so you will not be left behind with all the tech news in the local scene, let’s support our local developers it’s really nice to see that there is app like these that makes some task easy, like me I also check other tech blog sites but it’s really hard to click each one of them on Facebook , thankfully Techmisan is here to do that you can now access all the news in just one app it’s fast and easy to use so download it now.


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