Just Roll It, Online board game gameplay


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    Just Roll It, Online board game gameplay

    If you have followed my live streaming event on our YouTube lately you will notice I’ve been playing this interactive board game by Game club and the game is called “Just Roll it” it’s an online casual board game somewhat similar with the all-time popular monopoly. Basically, the concept is similar but with an added features.

    Here is my actual Gameplay with the game.

    At first if you will start playing the game you might get overwhelmed with it’s features so let me give you some pointers to get most out of the game. As a starting point you will choose from the 8 characters available, you can check their stats so you can decide which character is the right one for you, they all have their own advantages so choose wisely, but don’t worry there are also rare character that you can get along the way with your daily Gifts and some premium items that can be purchase within the game.

    Once you done choosing your character, you will have some FREE! items on your inbox and be sure to check that out and you might have some FREE special characters right away. In order for you to win the game, you need to know the basics and the techniques.

    Buy Wisely

    You will start by buying properties, initially you have 10 million allocated credits to buy and upgrade your estates. Be wise when purchasing properties, buying everything doesn’t guarantee you to Win. Know the 4 tips on how to win easily which I will elaborate in a bit.

    Construct and Collect Rentals

    Once you have properties the first way of earning cash is by having a rental fee on all your properties, in this way when users land on your property they will need to pay an X amount of rental fee depending on how large your estate on that specific area. The larger or expanded your estate the better for higher income return.

    Money is everything

    Even though you have the largest assets in town it still doesn’t guarantee you to be on top since, any time other players can take over your properties if they have the X amount of cash in their hand so be sure to secure all your properties. You can use a defense card to protect your properties for being taken away from you which is another feature of the game.

    Know the Winning Pro Tips

    The game is not by just buying all the properties to win it’s still all about luck and proper strategy. There are 4 ways to win this game.

    Line Victory — When a player owns all the properties on a single side, there are 4 sides in the game if you own a straight line property you will have the Line Victory.

    Tourism Victory — When a player owns all 6 spots in the game 4 islands and 2 beaches, but on other maps its called planet and stars.

    Triple Victory — When a player owns 3 monopolies of different colors on every side.

    Bankruptcy — as usual when all of the players are already filed a bankruptcy you win.

    Fortune Cards are magic!

    Ther are 4 spots of fortune cards that user can draw on every side of the board in the game, if your lucky to get one you will have some chance to manipulate the game depending on what is written on the fortune card.

    ODD or EVEN can change it!

    Another cool feature of the game is forcing the dice to give ODD or EVEN numbers to give you a better luck this is helpful in some scenarios.

    Dice is the key to Win!

    As what I have said Luck is still the key to success and Dice is the main factory to change that , there are several dice that you can purchase in the game and each of every one of them has a unique features and capability in order to help you win the game.

    So are you ready to play the game be sure to download the Game client and start rolling those dice and you might also not win a virtual items but also a real cash price. Yes! you heard me written not only you can get to win prizes in the game itself but also in real life. Just Roll it usually have events and prizes await you everyday so be sure to follow them on their Facebook and forum to get the latest update of their exciting promos 🙂



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