Instagram Now Available on Windows Phone


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    Instagram Now Available on Windows Phone

    the long wait is over finally the popular Photo sharing app is now available on the Windows App Store. they announce this on the recent Nokia World held in Abu Dhabi.

    So here is the Actual Interface of the App.

    Basically it is the same app the we used on Android and IOS Gadgets, but with the Live tile notification feature 🙂 but to be honest I really find the 6tag app better because of the feature where you can create instant polaroid style photo’s which are the multiple photos in one pic, where this is a separate app on android users they called instaframe but for windows phone 8 users it is build in with the 6tag and also notable feature is the #hashtag feature where you can easily retrieve your recent hashtags and @ which means tagging. which making it easy on adding multiple hastags 🙂

    if instagram integrate this feature I will use them more often but as for now because the are still on beta I will stick wih the 6tag app 🙂

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