HP Envy 17 the first Laptop with Leap Motion


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    HP Envy 17 the first Laptop with Leap Motion

    Would you buy a laptop that has the capability of controlling what you see on your screen without even touching it? well that is now possible because of the Leap Motion technology.

    Leap Motion is one the popular startups who develop a hardware where you can control anything on your desktop/laptop without even touching the screen or touch pad.

    The remarkably accurate, incredibly natural way to interact with your computer.
    Sinced they release their API a lot of manufacturers and developers are now integrating it on their system, and one of the first Laptop to embrace this technology is the Upcoming HP Envy Models

    can you just imagine how accurate this Leap Motion is where as for me as a Designer this is a game changer, pen tablets are great but what if you can use your hand while holding a real pencil/pen and just do your stuffs in the air and the refine details is as accurate as when you’re doing it on a paper.


    if you’re interested to more about the Leap Motion Technology feel free to visit their Official Website here and for developers you can also check their API’s

    Do you think the Leap Motion integrated on a Laptop is a game changer? or a good alternative for touchpads and mouse? what do you thinks share us your thoughts in the comments section below

    source: Gizmodo, HP

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