Google Nexus 5 Revealed?


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    Google Nexus 5 Revealed?

    After the official announcement of the Android 4.4 Codename “Kitkat” a video showing Google Employee’s putting the Android KitKat Statue was posted and shared on YouTube.

    Around the 38 second mark clip below you will see a man holding a phone with a Nexus Logo, its seems it may be the upcoming Nexus 5 on the Image here you will see the left guy holding a seems to be larger version of the nexus while on the right is a girl holding the nexus 4.

    the video suddenly got private upon creating this post after a few minutes when news and rumors are posted online. either way I still have the linked saved teehee!

    so what do you think? is it really the new upcoming Nexus 5 if yes? what is your first impression base on the photo/video?

    We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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