Gearbest celebrating 2nd anniversary, gadget sale starting from $4


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    Gearbest celebrating 2nd anniversary, gadget sale starting from $4

    Planning to buy a new gadget? well you better check out Gearbest this week coz they are celebrating their 2nd year anniversary and with that they are having a huge sale of tablets,smartphone,peripherals,drones and many more. Starting at $4 dollars you can have a high tech led light bulb and you might also want to check their Tablet sale which is insanely affordable but beast in terms of specs. Tons of gadgets to choose from ultrabook , convertible and even Windows PC Tablets.

    You will never find this gadgets locally and the great thing about here you can also win some points and even paypal discounts.

    be sure to check their site everyday to find the latest flash sale. if you haven’t know I usually order some of my gadgets that are not available locally in the Philippines. and Gearbest is just one of my trusted favorite site to visit when it comes to finding the latest and best line of affordable gadgets.

    Imagine having a tablet for just $50 that is less than 2k if we will convert it to our local currency. if your looking for a new tablet to buy and gadgets be user to check out

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