Flii — A new Live Video Shopping Marketplace — coincidence with PSC LIVE?


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    Flii — A new Live Video Shopping Marketplace — coincidence with PSC LIVE?

    I recently saw this posted by a friend is it a coincidence? or I am just on a right timing. I shared this site because we have the same vision of what content we want to provide. We have the same execution of doing a LIVE VIDEO streaming but the Flii site aims for sellers and buyers who wants to build more confidence when buying and selling products to be honest live streaming builds trust for both parties. People get to see the product and people get to know more about it plus users can see them in action.

    Same with PSC LIVE UNBOXING concept I wanted to build that trust to my viewers it aims to lessen trust issues to the different brands, gadgets and other products I unbox and feature live.

    Of course there hurdles and caveats when doing this first and foremost it’s not for everyone. in order for you to do a livestream you need to have blazing fast internet connection like mine which I have a fibr connection right now. And users need to have a minimum upload speed of 1Gbps to stream a decent quality where people can visually appreciate it and enjoy.

    Second it’s a long format live streaming usually will not go less than 10mins like with PSC Live I usually stream for 1–2 hours minimum. Since you’re like discussing things online sharing what the product can do and everything. Flii is the same but the difference it’s a marketplace anyone can sell items and see them physically via a live video and instantly they can also buy the product service and whatsoever they offer.

    Whenever I talk to my clients and partners I usually share this idea before especially for e-commerce sites I always tell to them why not come up with a short video or just a simple video sharing your product so that people will know you have it physically and this is what you will get when you buy it. Usually e-commerce sites just post photo and build with caption emphasizing some of the things they can expect.

    But for me that is tradition we are now in the age of people almost have the luxury to access different sites via mobile and tablets.

    But then again as what I said it’s too early for some developing countries like Philippines, we are the country who’s usually the hardest to convince when it comes to buying online. We make tawad, (discount) , or we make sure before we buy, it must be worth our money. But at the same time we are also the most impatient people we easily get bored when watching long format videos thanks to the slow internet connection again not all users have the luxury to have blazing fast Internet connection. there are a few who will tuned in until the end of the video and those are the people who will surely buy. Yes! they are staying to watch because they want to know about that specific product and they want know all the details it can offer.

    But with that said again Flii is one of those startups who are willing to finally bridge the gap to buyers and sellers with the help of a live video format.

    I am really excited how the Flii will turn out they are in the early bird access so if you want to be the first to experience the live video streaming marketplace well you better register now 🙂

    [button color=”” size=”LARGE” type=”square_outlined” target=”_BLANK” link=”http://flii.tv/?kid=81EMA”]CHECK OUT FLII.TV MARKETPLACE LIVESTREAMING VIDEO[/button]

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