Fixing Wampserver CURL extension on a 64bit Windows 7


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    Fixing Wampserver CURL extension on a 64bit Windows 7

    Take note this is only for 64bit System issues on a 32bit wampserver version it will just work fine

    Lately I got this problem where I have already activated the CURL extension in the wampserver but when I view the phpinfo() it’s not showing there so I look for fixes and found this quick fix for it

    first you need to activate the wampserver and goto

    Now when you visit the phpinfo() on your localhost it will not show as a default

    to fix this you need to overwrite the the file at

    // Depends on the version you have downloaded but usually it resides at the "ext" folder

    with this file, you need to download it here, and when you reboot/restart your wampserver and goto the phpinfo() again it will now show as enabled

    when your developing a facebook application on your local environment you will need this 😀

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