Facebook New Reaction Emoticons now available and here’s how to use it


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    Facebook New Reaction Emoticons now available and here’s how to use it

    Facebook tested a couple of weeks back of an upcoming feature called Reaction which is basically a feature that shows what users feel on a certain post, that said to be an alternative to overly requested Facebook Dislike button.

    This is Facebook’s answer to that a better way of sharing what people feels on a certain post which users can choose to Like, Love, HaHa, Yay, WOW, Confused, Sad, Angry. This week Facebook finally rolled it out in the Philippines and so far we are loving this feature the animated large emoticons are charming and addicting to play with and, of course, to use on every post we like to react with.

    Now the basic question is how to use this feature, actually at first it was really confusing in fact I myself though that this feature is not yet available and the icons just change on the like buttons. but technically all the users just need to do is when you are on a Desktop view is to hover your mouse pointer to the like button and wait 1sec. and the bubble emoticons will show up and just select which reaction you want to use.

    here’s a GIF animation for Desktop users 🙂

    Now when you’re on a smartphone devices or tablets all you need to do is just press and hold the like button and it will pop up then choose the reaction you want to use

    Here’s a GIF Animation for Mobile users 🙂

    GIF Credit to Unbox

    Now hopefully this will also be available for website to embed which will drive more interactions in case they implement it like a plugin for WordPress just like the like and Comment plugins.

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