Facebook launches Trending Topics on Android Devices


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    Facebook launches Trending Topics on Android Devices

    Facebook announced today trending topics on mobile.The new Trending experience begins rolling out today, and will be available to people on Facebook in the US for the web and Android. Support for iOS and other countries is coming soon. that means Philippine users will still not have this feature later this month but still crossing my finger it will rolled our soon.

    The new feature is split into sections as you tap into the search box you will notice there will be different parts, the Articles, In the Story, Friend ang Groups, Near the Scene and Live Feed all of this has different features.

    1. Articles shows you how news organizations are covering the story.
    2. In the Story shows you posts from people who are part of the story.
    3. Friends and Groups shows you what people in your network are saying.
    4. Near the Scene shows you posts from people near where the story is unfolding.
    5. Live Feed shows you a real-time stream of reactions from people around the world.

    This feature will make it easier for users to find what are the relevant trending topics base on what they search, Facebook also Quoted

    The way that your Trending topics are determined hasn’t changed, and as always, only public posts and posts that you are in the audience for (like updates from friends or groups that you belong to) will be shown in Trending.

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