Facebook finally unvealed the New “Facebook Home” + HTC Phone with Home


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    Facebook finally unvealed the New “Facebook Home” + HTC Phone with Home

    Finally after lots of rumors and speculation Facebook finally revealed it’s new Home on the Android Platform the “Facebook Home” an additional layering on your Android System Software where it acts like the same as your messaging and call function but it will look like your New Home Screen Launcher it will totally change your Mobile experience because of the User Interface. which I really love because of it’s minimalist design.

    Here are some of the features that you will experience when they rollout it on April 12 this year, that you will totally be addicted more to facebook LOL!

    Cover Feed

    the cover feed will be the first thing that you will see on your phone once you unlock it will show different cover photo’s and pictures share by your connected friends

    one of the cool feature that I saw on the live event is that you can like a photo on the fly just like the instagram effect. and as an avid fan of the flipboard app it’s like see it similar to it but just with a fullscreen per post.

    Notifications is one of the major feature that you really need to have on your phone so Facebook home redesigned it from ground up where you will have all your notifications in front of home screen, you can slide it out drag it down or even view it later in case you have missed it. the minimalist look of this UI is really stunning 🙂

    this feature let’s you drag your profile pic and will jump to the other apps that you want to interact with like the Facebook Messenger on left, your other apps on the top or even your recent app on the right side.

    App Launcher

    App Launcher is an Enhanced version of the default app launcher on your stock android launcher basically you will still have the access on your other apps of course but with a different touch design on it it has a widget that you can instantly create status,photo,check in post right onto your Home.

    group chat is a cute way of connecting with your friends anywhere you are on your phone , let’s say your on instagram you can still chat with your friends by just clicking the face icon of your friends and it will automatically pops on your screen. and if it is a group chat you will not be confuse because it will be an icon with divided sections of faces on it and the good thing about it is that you can jump from one conversation to another without reopening the messenger it automatically switch your conversation to the one you like.

    Chat Heads

    this may be annoying on some time because when you are playing games or lets say your viewing on other apps then suddenly a message pops on your screen with an icon of your friend it just makes take your focus away on what you are doing. hopefully it will have a feature that you can disable it at any point of time.

    those are some of the features , and they also announced the HTC “First” the mobile phone that has a prebuild Facebook Home on it and the first phone that runs the Facebook Home Integration smoothly, with a price tag of $99. but then again I will still hope that it will be available in the Philippines in any point of time 🙂

    unfortunately it will still be available on April 12. for download and don’t worry it will be free and they will also be working on the tablets in the upcoming months.

    for more informations here is the official website of the details about the new features https://www.facebook.com/home and the official press release from Facebook

    are you excited about this new Facebook integration with the android platform?

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