EverythingMe Launcher have a feel of the Upcoming Firefox Launcher


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    EverythingMe Launcher have a feel of the Upcoming Firefox Launcher

    We recently posted that Mozilla is developing it’s own Custom Launcher, and base on the new it is a re-branded version of the EverythingMe Launcher which is already available in the playstore.

    Here is their Introduction Video

    The Launcher has 3 Main features

    • In-Phone Search
    • Smart Folders
    • The Prediction Bar

    if you are interested to try this app unfortunately it is not yet available in the Philippines but thanks to APK Downloader we had a chance to try it out 😉 simply download the APK and install it on your device 🙂

    download apk

    Once installed you will see it will walk you through the whole process of configuration, at first I thought it has installed tons of bloatware but upon checking it out it is just a suggestion for you to checkout and it is part of the smart folder feature where when you click on the folder you want it will show some icons representing different categories.

    What I like about this Launcher is the In-phone Search, this feature is similar with the search of the IOS platform where it is searching all throughout your phone so for example if I want to search for a contact number rather than going to the phone app and typing the name of the contact your are searching just tap in the In-phone search of the launcher and it will show your contacts instantly.

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