Dropbox lets you now save your screenshots directly to Dropbox and share


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    Dropbox lets you now save your screenshots directly to Dropbox and share

    Dropbox added a quick nifty feature where by just pressing CTRL + PRTSCR on your keyboard it will automatically save your screenshot to your Dropbox Folder.

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    To activate this just simply Download the latest version of the Dropbox Desktop App and you will see a new tab called import and check the Share screenshots using Dropbox

    and if you want to save a screenshot just press CTRL + PRTSC and if you pressed this for the first time after installing the app you will see this window

    so just simply click save Screenshots to Dropbox and it will automatically Sync and you can now share your Screenshot, the good this about this is it doesn’t conflict my other print screen app which is LightShot I used screenshot light for immediate upload and sending of screenshots to a friend or client and what I like about it is that it has this mini tools where you can add arrows , square box and highlight things which is pretty nifty for me.

    but for Window users who wants to have this features and directly uploaded also to Dropbox you can try out Pinch also another tools for your productivity which is a good alternative 😀

    Capture part or all of your desktop quickly and smoothly, then share instantly using Dropbox.

    here are some of its feature

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