CyanogenMod One Click Installer for all Devices Coming Soon in Google Play Store


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    CyanogenMod One Click Installer for all Devices Coming Soon in Google Play Store

    A surprising announcement from the CyanogenMod team recently posted on their blog first is they are now officially CyanogenMod Inc as a plan of expansion and putting the alternative rom into a next level Oppo N1 is there first official Android Smart Phone that has a preinstalled CyanogenMod System.

    but the surprises doesn’t just stop there they also announced a break through for all custom rom makers and devs who wants to experience the CyanogenMod in there mobile platforms, they will soon reveal the One Click Installer for all Units of Android Smart Phones it means even though you’re a noobs or a pro the convenience of just downloading an app from the play store and clicking install is the only thing you need to do to experience the CyanogenMod power! that is right you don’t need to have any technical knowledge on compiling from source or even troubleshooting things in order to make it compatible with your device.

    for me as a custom rom maker this is big help, because ever since the release of mediatek phones no one has ever compiled it for cynogenmod although there are some rumors that some already somehow compiled and made it run but still it is not fully functional CyanogenMod System.

    I am hoping that it will be compatible on all chipsets and other brand models, here is the screenshot of the actual UI of the said One click Installer.

    Our installer will be available on the Play Store in the coming weeks. -CyanogenMod

    I really can’t wait for this #excited 😀

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