Cyanogen Inc’s Reveal’s New Identity Logo


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    Cyanogen Inc’s Reveal’s New Identity Logo

    Cyanogen or Cyanogenmod last year announced of being a legit company as they grow , its brand must evolve to meet that need. the new Identity logo represents three things, Customization, Security and Open Source.

    For them this is a Choice for users “Choice means personalizing your device to your use cases and tastes. Choice means exercising control over your data and security. Choice means the freedom to select your OS on your mobile devices, and modify it as you see fit”

    this is my phone. there are many like it, but this one is mine.

    but how about the popular Cyanogenmod Iconic Character CID? where will it be now?

    well this character will still be in the community and it belongs to the users, not the company’s they quoted.

    did you like the new Identity Logo of CyanogenMod? well on my personal opinion yes! it’s now more clear on what cyanogenmod is about for everyone 🙂

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