Chink+ “The Power of Mindset — Change your mindset — Change your life!


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    Chink+ “The Power of Mindset — Change your mindset — Change your life!

    We all have our fear and doubt in life right, but have you ever wonder on how to overcome it? mentally and physically? as an online Geek and tech savvy there comes a time I get to think that when I have a great ideas that I want to start, sometimes I intend to think, will this work? will this make money?

    Literally I already have a doubt even though I haven’t start yet, so at the end of the day we do not implement our great ideas to become a reality because our conscious have already eaten by our subconscious mind and we intend to think negative things.

    That is what Mr. Chinkee Tan a.k.a Mr. Chink Positive+ himself want us to overcome, and to have a positive mindset.

    to know more about him your check out this video.


    In this session we learned that we must not limit our ideas and mindset to achieve what we want in our life he quoted that,


    In our modern age today we are not limited to technology all the new things came from an idea, which is for me the best example is FACEBOOK it was really a great idea then put into action and as a result it became the number 1 social networking site in the whole world. We are just being limited because of our mentality if we limit our selves we push it to lack of confidence and in worst case we struggle to being in a poverty world where Chinkee said that we must live with no limits to have an abundance in life.


    I think almost the percentage of the Filipino’s have experienced this, “What we been trained to think this way. We have settled to live this way.” remember when our parents always tells us that, no you can’t have that it’s too expensive!, we don’t have the money we are not rich! from that mindset we grow to think that we cant’ have the things we wanted. and from that perspective we limit our mind.


    Choose the People you associate with.
    Choose the Entertainment you watch.
    Choose the Books you read.
    Choose the Seminar you attend.

    This can really affect the way we think, by the people we interact with , in a social world like now if you intend to be on a young teenage mind your mindset just want to have fun, so in order for us to change the way we think we can change the people we interact with like be in a world of Digital Influencers this people think differently, but of course choose wisely 🙂


    I want to gain weight! that is my perception, my conscious mind is telling me to do workouts,exercise and eat rich foods, but my subconscious mind thinks I will never gain weight because it’s already in our bloodline 🙁 ever since I never gain weight. as you can see the way I think is being eaten by my subconscious mind so in order for that to work we need to change our subconscious mind. to think we can do it, we can make it happen and focus on the process.

    conscious = what we think

    subconscious = past

    before the session ends chinkee called a special person which is Abby Asistio she has an Alopecia. you can watch her video here on flippish. where she told her story, and basically she is a very good example on how she overcomes and changed her subconscious mind to reveal her self in spite of having a rare decease.


    letting go of the past will make you move forward, I think this is one of the things every filipino must think, our past experience, our past hatred issues with others we must forgive and forget in order for us uplift our feelings. let go of the past! and the most important, once you have forgive all the people you have issues with is to forgive yourself.


    “We will never allow other people to say bad things against us. But we allow ourselves to speak negative things against us.”

    Reality we are strong outside but we are weak inside, from my experience I have learned a lot from my community, comments and feedback made me change things that I usually do because other people sees things that you don’t see to yourself.

    “Do not be against yourself”

    Francis Kong inspired me more to never stop learning and invest on our knowledge which I always pursue to my friends because all the tools now are available online with just a click of a button you can access all the knowledge shared by billions of people out there, it just for us to choose the right content for us.

    the best way to learn is to have fun 🙂

    Although I really want to share more of the experiences in that whole day event I will just be sharing a quick inforgraphics so you can visualize more of the thing we have learned 🙂


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