Cherry Mobile Selfie Unboxing and Initial Impression — Luxurious Selfie Phone


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    Cherry Mobile Selfie Unboxing and Initial Impression — Luxurious Selfie Phone

    Whoa! We finally got a Hands-on with the Cherry Mobile Selfie a Luxurious looking smartphone, first thing that came in my mind after seeing the Selfie the word “Weird”. A weird-looking shape smartphone with an oversized camera both front and back. Before we dig into that included in the box is the 1,000mA travel charger, USB to Micro USB cable, earphone with mic button, user manual, pinoy app codes, SIM tray opener and of course the Selfie itself.

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    Let’s first take a look at the front, it has a huge 13mp front camera in the center top part with a earpiece above it. on its right is a light and proximity sensor, while the glass is a 4.7-inch, HD IPS 720×1280 screen Corning Gorilla Glass 3, it has great viewing angles plus a very thin line separation from the glass. The bezels are thin and doesn’t have a black border inside which is really great.

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    Elegant Looking

    The Menu, Home and Back Capacitive buttons are not noticeable when the phone is close but has a LED light and the Home button act as a notification blinking slowly while charging and it has a hidden LED Flash near the front camera at the right.

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    Over all the Front looks really nice but there’s just a black border that surrounds the outside edge of the screen but its ok not a deal breaker. One thing to highlight is the body is an aluminum build strip on the side, once you remove the SIM Card tray you will see the metallic texture but the back is still a plastic glossy material , not really prone to finger smudge since it’s similar with the Cherry Mobile Ultra back cover although prone to scratches.

    The right side has the Capture button that has a small icon of a camera and the SIM Card tray a Micro + Nano SIM with a small hole on the side to open it. It really feels solid and sturdy plus the Gold accent is really nice very elegant.

    While on the left side is just the volume rocker, and on the top is the 3.5mm jack for the in-earphones with the power. Moving to the bottom is the Micro USB port with the Mic pin hole, quite awkward looking when you plug the USB cable since it has a curve shape on top and bottom the USB plug tends to look sightly bend. But then just a simple design flaw I wish they just put in on the side rather than at the bottom.

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    At the back is a Gigantic 13MP Rear Camera with BSI that has a two LED Flash in the left and right. Center part is the Selfie text logo, moving to the bottom is the Cherry Mobile Logo and a very small speaker hole. The camera still uses a digital zoom not an Optical zoom similar with the Lumia 1020, it just has a large housing for the camera which is again a really awkward looking and distracting rear camera.

    Here are the sample shots

    Selfie is running an Android Kitkat 4.4.2 version has 8 core 1.7Ghz MediaTek MT6592 with 2GB of RAM and a 16GB of ROM with a remaining 12GB of Internal Storage. take note that it doesn’t have any expansion slot so you’re going to deal with that storage.

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    UPDATE: Upon opening the SIM tray which I did not show in my unboxing video it has a Dual SIM Micro + Nano and Expandable Micro SD Card slot which means you can now add storage aside from the 16GB internal storage that it has. but you cannot use the 3 slot simultaneously since the Micro SD Card slot uses the Nano SIM slot so it means once you inserted the Micro SD you can only use the Micro SIM so that is already a single SIM + Micro SD.

    Curve design on the top and bottom is really nice when holding in landscape mode like while playing games since it adds that grip to the side just like a game console controllers. The Screen is bright and vivid and very responsive so far on my initial test. But let’s see once we install more apps if it still can handle multi tasking. just a side note when you want to close an app usually you need to hold the home button to release the recent apps but in the Selfie, the home button is for the Google now feature while the menu button is for the recent apps if you hold it for a couple of seconds.

    [section label=”Initial Benchmark” anchor=”benchmark”]

    Initial Antutu Benchmark result is 31,095 for the Nenamark 2 it results 61.3fps while the Quadrant had 13,654. since the GPU is a Mali-450MP for sure this can handle almost high-end 3D games on a high settings. Selfie has a suggested retail price of ₱9,999 since it has a premium alloy body for a 10k price point it still suffice.

    So there you go that is the quick initial impression for the Cherry Mobile Selfie will dig into more details soon on my full review so stay tuned and let me know in the comment section on what do you think about the Selfie smartphone.

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