Carousell — Instagram Killer for Online Sellers — Ecommerce Mobile app


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    Carousell — Instagram Killer for Online Sellers — Ecommerce Mobile app

    Now a days you see tons of people posting (SFS Floods) and selling items on Instagram which seems to be the best avenue so far for selling items to show crafty images. but Instagram is slowly disabling accounts who sell items on the mobile app. because Instagram is not an online store for people to sell items it’s a photo sharing app. but a new Singaporean Startup launched a Mobile app Marketplace intended or online sellers and buyers who can easily share and sell items.

    It’s basically a Photo sharing app similar with Instagram but answers the need of people who sell on the mobile platform. The great thing about it you will have a profile that has all your items that you’re selling and even have online store accessible on Desktops. It also has chat for easy conversation, add albums for organize photos Plus feedback system and many more.

    if you already started posting photo’s on your Instagram account and want to migrate to carousell it’s very easy they have import Instagram to Carousell.

    [pb-app-box pname=’com.thecarousell.Carousell’ name=’Carousell: Snap-Sell, Chat-Buy’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

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