Boost your PC by Asus and have your Dream PC Build


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    Boost your PC by Asus and have your Dream PC Build

    Do you want to upgrade your PC but you don’t have the budget? Asus is having another contest and its for gamers out there who wants to upgrade their old PC and be part of the #PCmasterrace.

    Boost My PC Mechanics: Official Website

    Show why you deserve to have your PC upgraded in the most creative way possible (blog, video, song, artwork, etc), and will answer the following questions:

    1. What is the condition of your current PC? (specs, physical condition)

    • For what purpose do you use your current PC?
    • Why do you need to boost your PC?
    • What is your dream PC? (functions, specs, models, design and etc.).
    • Other additional information you want us to know about.

    2. Submit your entries by registering at the right side of the page.

    3. When sending / promoting your entry, include the tag #BoostMyPC-PH. Make sure to make your profile / posts available to public for us to see.

    4. Criteria for judging
    • Creativity-25% • Presentation-35% • Content-40%

    the contest will run until November 8, 2014 only so be sure to join now and submit those entries.


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