BlackCam — Your Black and White Instagram app like Camera


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    BlackCam — Your Black and White Instagram app like Camera

    Black and White photo tagging has been a hashtag trend recently on social media networking site, but it’s not easy to convert a colored photo to black and white unless you have a desktop that has Photoshop or Lightroom application running on it. well BlackCam makes that easy you can capture instantly using the app and apply different filters just like Instagram, But what I like about it is you can see the actual output in realtime while choosing what filter are you going to use.

    BlackCam Features:

    • Very simple to use
    • Different colored lens filters
    • Different professional conversion set filters
    • Filters are shown live on camera screen
    • Live contrast, brightness & exposure slider
    • Add simulated film grain
    • Add black vignetting
    • Custom EXIF Artist Credit entry
    • Export your photos to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and email
    • Outputs images in full resolution
    • Add black and white filters to your existing photos

    BlackCam — Black&White Camera (Playboard) | BlackCam — Black&White Camera (Play Store)

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